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Hello! We’re Regal Pawtraits and we have pioneered an awesome way to emphasize on the “Pets are family too” theme! We are animal lovers who are committed to helping you as a pet parent to express your love for your furry friend in a truly unique, beautiful way. Now, you might be wondering: Aren’t there a lot of brands which do this already? 


Well, our answer is simple. “Nobody does it the way we do!”


For our story, we will have to go back to when the COVID-19 pandemic started taking over the world. The number of unadopted pets in shelters was going up because people were being forced to stay inside. Whilst some people were giving their pets up to adoption, other pets weren’t even half as lucky. For instance, dogs were being abandoned outside shopping malls and grocery stores. Pet foster homes were struggling to house such a large number of pets, because people were not adopting pets anymore. 


We noticed that, and it made us think. What can we do to help these pets? How do we make sure that they find a deserving and loving home? 


What’s better than posting cute and fun pictures of potential pets on social media? Pictures of unadopted animals in stunning renaissance paintings!  Once we started doing that, we were being approached by friends and family to incorporate their lovely pets into their family paintings. Not only that, foster pet homes also saw a rise in pet adoption rates because of the viral awareness created.  


Crazy no? 


Apparently not, because now, we get commissions from all around the globe! Our designers create unique personalized renaissance family portraits as a token of the love and appreciation you have for your pets. And we are a hundred percent sure that your amazing pets know that too! Of course, we perform portraits of all kinds of animals, humans in all shapes and colors. Everyone is welcome here!


That’s the story of Regal Pawtraits. We are dedicated towards delivering what you want - awesome family pet Pawtraits, but we are equally dedicated towards helping animals find fabulous owners and new homes, where they can get the love they deserve so much.